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Introduction to Google quality scoring guide

Published August 28, 2018 by Zac

Last week, Google media posted an update. Today, I'd like to talk about Google's manual quality assessment guide. As the guide is long and 164 pages long, it is divided into three posts:

Introduction to Google quality scoring guide

What kind of page is high quality?

What is e-a-t?

Even if it is divided into three posts, it's just a brief introduction and some reflections. Most of the contents in the guide are ignored. Some readers suggested that I translate the guide into Chinese or not, because:

The guide is too long

Most of the content has little to do with SEO

No authorization

The guide is for the training of Google's human assessors. There is no need to mention a lot of content that SEO is familiar with, such as how to distinguish the page theme content, auxiliary content, advertising and so on. The biggest part is to let the assessor understand that how to judge whether the search results meet the needs of users' queries has little to do with SEO.


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